Tara Pringle Jefferson, Self-Care Coach and Creator of The Self-Care Box will teach us the basics of Self-Care For Black Women and Femmes.

Tara Pringle Jefferson is a writer, speaker, and self-care coach who specializes in helping women cut through the clutter of their lives and plant themselves back at the center. As the founder of The Bloom Beautifully Box, a subscription box that delivers self-care to your door, she is determined to start a movement that cancels chaos and creates a sense of peace for women everywhere.

Tara’s platform for self-care includes a series of workshops on stress reduction, time management, and personal development, all of which culminate in an annual self-care retreat in exciting cities across the country. A voice of authority on themes surrounding self-care, women’s empowerment, and digital entrepreneurship, Tara regularly speaks at national conferences and events on these topics. She has been featured in or on Essence and Kiplinger magazines, BlackandMarriedWithKids.com, The Happy Black Woman Podcast, and Sirius XM radio.

A true renaissance woman, Tara has also owned a boutique communications consultancy, with a focus on social media strategy, writing, and editing. She’s a proud, card-carrying member of Beyonce’s Beyhive who loves to indulge in a good book as often as possible, and resides in Stow, Ohio with her husband and children.


Jasmine Banks, Licensed Therapist and Mental Health Activist will teach us how to know when therapy could be helpful and how to find the right therapist for us.

Jasmine is a mental health professional and writer who believes that narratives we choose to embrace shape our lives.  Jasmine believes once clients recognize their ability to identify their values, skill, and knowledge they have through their personal narratives they are able to effectively confront whatever problems they face. Jasmine is an LGBTQIA affirming professional who employs culturally competent therapeutic interventions.

Jasmine Banks is a Licensed Associate Counselor licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.

Jasmine received her M.A. in Counseling from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas as well as her B.S. in psychology and communications. Jasmine has additional experience working in therapeutic day treatment and clinical settings.


Melissa Toler, Speaker/Writer/Educator will bring us some real talk about the diet and beauty industry, their relationship with the black community, and how we can break free from the diet industry and into real health.

Melissa Toler is a speaker, writer, and educator. Her work encourages people to make the connection between our culture's oppressive beauty standards and our personal struggle with self-acceptance. She has written extensively on diet culture and the toll it takes on our lives and humanity. Her goal is to help people unlearn harmful messages and behaviors from years of chronic dieting. Melissa also has a background as a pharmacist and certified wellness coach.


Micky ScottBey Jones, Creative Extremist For Love/Justice Doula, will take us all to church with a presentation on how religion and spirituality can be a part of our self-care.

Micky is a perpetual learner, “justice doula”, consultant, facilitator, mama/sister/friend, nonviolence practitioner and contemplative activist living just south of Nashville, TN. After 10 plus years as a mother-baby specialist, trainer, and author, she decided to shift back to earlier interests: theology and community development. She is a member of the co-learning community of NAIITS (North American Institute of Indigenous Theological Studies) and graduated with a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies.

Her early career included the cutthroat world of Contemporary Christian music, youth programming, and community development through the YMCA and Rocketown (Nashville). Her special interests & scholarship include womanist & practical theology, the intersections of Black and Native American history and theology, the pursuit of shalom, faith-rooted organizing, intersectional justice, community formation, wholeness, and  healing.


Danielle Faust, Mom, Coach, and Online Influencer is speaking directly to the moms about self-care and Black motherhood.

After starting her award-winning blog OKDani.com in 2010, Danielle grew her small blogging hobby into a business while maintaining a ghostwriting side hustle for other bloggers. Her credited writing, in her signature candid “real talk” style, is also featured online and in print. Following years as a personal trainer, Dani received her life coaching certification from NYU in 2011 and has since blended fitness and lifecrafting into a wellness coaching business geared toward busy women. Her mission is to incorporate total wellness into hectic lives in a natural and balanced way for each unique client. Using her upbeat humor and relatability, Danielle seamlessly educates and motivates clients nationwide.


Graeme Seabrook is your host for the Self Care In Color Virtual Retreat. Graeme is a Certified Motherhood Life Coach. Graeme is a writer, speaker, and mental health advocate as well as the mother of two little monsters.

As a coach, Graeme works with people who mother to bring themselves back into the center of their lives. She helps them 'stick out their elbows' and take up more space in family, business, and friendships.

Graeme created The SelfCare Squad, a Facebook group, to help support women, femmes, and gender non-conforming folks who are looking to learn more about and practice true, radical self-care.


Tiana Dodson is the woman behind the curtain, managing all things tech for the Self Care In Color Virtual Retreat. Tiana is a fat activist, health coach, and founder of One Beautiful Yes.

Through her coaching practice, Tiana helps people in bigger bodies find their healthy. (Body shaming, intentional weight loss, and self-hatred not included.) If she could only ever tell the world one thing, it would be that health isn’t about the size of your body: it’s about how you function in that body, how you fuel that body, and how you feel about that body. And that process always starts with one precious, beautiful yes.

Tiana is also the host of The One Beautiful YES! podcast and creator of the Facebook group In This Body where members learn how to develop their own practice of self compassion.


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